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Customer Service For The Public Sector


The benefits of a customer-centric strategy aren’t limited to private sector businesses. Government agencies at every level can gain by putting the needs and wants of citizens first. Consumer expectations are only increasing as technological advances such as smartphones and apps open new frontiers of convenience, speed, and transparency for private sector customers. At the same time, tightening government budgets are making it difficult for the public sector to deliver services of a similarly high quality. With consumer expectations only increasing, it’s perhaps no surprise that interactions with government agencies frustrate and disappoint many people.

This Customer Service for the Public Sector training course is designed to give participants the communication skills, negotiation strategies, and public-sector customer service best practices they require to significantly improve customer service while lowering costs and increasing employee satisfaction. Delegates will walk away from this programme with the ability to measure customer satisfaction and apply the design elements necessary to structure their organisation in a customer-centric manner to respond effectively as customer service needs and conditions change.

This training course will highlight:

  • Evaluate public sector customer service best practices
  • Improve communication effectiveness by developing nonverbal, listening and questioning skills
  • Measure and monitor public sector customer service satisfaction
  • Enhance persuasion, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills
  • Utilize Social Media to increase public sector customer service engagement


At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop proactive customer service policies and procedures
  • Successfully handle working with the four types of customer personalities
  • Calm upset or difficult customers over the phone and in person
  • Manage your emotions in stressful situations
  • Enhance listening and questioning skills to better understand your customer’s real needs
  • Set SMART goals to continuously improve customer service satisfaction


5 Days


Specifically designed for public services and government agencies, this training course uses real-world examples to train public employees how to increase customer satisfaction.

This Customer Service for the Public Sector training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Service Personnel at all levels of federal, state and local government agencies
  • Public Sector Employees
  • Department Managers and Customer Service Supervisors
  • Nonprofit Organisation Employees
  • Public Transportation and utilities employees


Module 1: Improving Customer Service Communication and Interpersonal Skills Development

  • The 7 Customer Service Expectations
  • Understanding Your Customer’s Nonverbal Communication
  • Working with the 4 Customer Temperament Styles
  • Active Listening and Questioning Skills to Enhance Customer Service
  • Techniques For Giving and Receiving Customer Feedback

Module 2: Building a Public-Sector Customer-Centric Organisation

  • Developing a Top-down Customer Service Culture
  • Internal vs. External Customers
  • Common Traits of All Successful Leaders
  • Best and Worst Public-sector Customer Service Providers
  • Going the Extra Mile to exceed Customer Expectations
  • Empowering Customer Service Employees

Module 3: Harnessing the Power of Social Media to Improve Customer Service  

  • The Benefits of Using Social Media to Enhance Customer Engagement
  • Keeping up with Rapidly Changing Technology
  • Social Media Public Sector Customer Service Best Practices
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools
  • Leveraging Social Media: Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Protecting Your Organisation’s Social, Media Reputation

Module 4: Measuring and Monitoring Public Sector Customer Service Satisfaction

  • The Benefits of Measuring Customer Service Satisfaction
  • Establishing Quality Customer Service Satisfaction Measuring and Monitoring Standards
  • Best Practices For Recording and Monitoring Customer Service Issues
  • The Role of the Supervisor in Conflict Resolution
  • Managing Emotions during Stressful Situations
  • Strategies For Working with Difficult or Demanding People

Module 5: Achieving Public Sector Customer Service Excellence

  • What is your Action Plan?
  • Your Attitude makes a Difference
  • Setting SMART Goals For Continuous Improvement
  • Stress Management Tips for Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle
  • Time Management Principles to Improve Daily Productivity


The instructor led trainings are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

Key Notes

a. The participant must be conversant with English.

b. Course duration is flexible and the contents can be modified to fit any number of days.

c. The course fee includes facilitation training materials and a certificate upon successful completion of Training.

d. One-year post-training support Consultation and Coaching provided after the course.

Course Schedule
Dates Fees Location Apply
03/06/2024 - 07/06/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
17/06/2024 - 21/06/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
08/07/2024 - 12/07/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
22/07/2024 - 26/07/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
05/08/2024 - 09/08/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
19/08/2024 - 23/08/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
09/09/2024 - 13/09/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
23/09/2024 - 27/09/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
07/10/2024 - 11/10/2024 $3000 Kigali Physical Class

Online Class
21/10/2024 - 25/10/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
04/11/2024 - 08/11/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
25/11/2024 - 29/11/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class
09/12/2024 - 13/12/2024 $1500 Mombasa Physical Class

Online Class
16/12/2024 - 20/12/2024 $1500 Nairobi Physical Class

Online Class