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Promoting Agri-Enterprenueship among the Youths in Kenya

Agro-Entrepreneurship refers to as the strategic planting of crops and keeping of animals. It can also be defined as the incorporation of entrepreneurship skills into farming and models to farming business. Agribusiness is a crucial sector in our economy, it is the biggest contributor to our GDP. It has been getting prominence in our industry as many young people are getting more involved in it but there is still a great void to fill for it to realize its full potential


Agribusiness if fully optimized, can help us deal with the issue of food security. It is necessary that our agricultural capacity be utilized for us to achieve this. The elephant in the room is the practice of horticulture in Kenya which fortunately generates a substantial amount of revenue to the economy but at the same time the practice uses a lot of water at the expense of putting food on the table. In addition, Kenyans have developed a craze of building on fertile lands and purchasing land to only speculate for future business.


In the rural areas of Kenya, agriculture is best placed in tackling poverty. Poverty among Kenyans in the rural areas is our biggest challenge. This unfortunately, drives the young to migrate to urban centers whereby it drains the abled men and women who can farm. Instead, this just creates a bigger problem in the urban areas, creating a dependent society and degrades the infrastructure of the urban areas which are poorly planned.  Promoting agriculture in rural areas will help keep young people rooted at home and create opportunities for themselves. This in effect will go a long way in addressing the issue of unemployment in Kenya.


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